Importation Optimization Assessment

My name is John Kohl. I hunt savings opportunities for importers. I am licensed customs broker and founder of Steeplechase Customs House Brokerage.

I make it my business to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of every duty saving program our government has going.

“My business incentive is 30% of the total amount refundable from the government. You pocket 70% of refundable payments, but more importantly you keep the knowledge and 100% of savings in the future.”     – John

The way it works is this: First, you send me your import documentation. The more the merrier, but often all I need is your entry summaries. Second, I go to work. I hunt for subtle trade distinctions, preferences, and regulatory carve outs. Even seemingly minor changes in your import posture can accumulate into significant savings.

If I find you an advantage, first we discuss it, and if you are in agreement, I then file the appropriate amendments and documentation to secure your refund.

That’s it. My only charge is a contingency fee of 30% of the refundable amount that I save you retroactively. You will never have to pay me directly as my fee comes from the federal refund deposit itself. If I can’t find you an efficiency, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your program is optimal, free and clear. The process takes about two or three weeks.