Calculations are approximate estimates only and should not be solely relied on. Numerous applicable exceptions may not be accounted for.   The calculator does not yet consider all of Chapter 99: Temporary Duties. Always contact a licensed customs broker or a trade professional to further assess your duty rate. By using this calculator you are agreeing to the terms of service  found here.

I am pleased to introduce a free new duty calculator. Finally a good duty calculator for US imports on the web, and it is completely free for unlimited calculations. Currently it calculates US duty as provided in the tariff schedule 2018 version 14, with exceptions (such as, Chapter 99: Temporary Duties). It assesses special and column-two duty rates, with some exceptions.

Features Include:

· HTSUS searchable by description or by code

· HTSUS linked drill down search

· Item description tree

· Preference program and column-two assessment

· Duty rate

· Calculation based on value or unit of measure

· Link to official USITC schedule.

FEATURE UPDATE: the calculator will now trigger an alert for section 232 “Steel Tariffs.”

More features are forthcoming, including: Merchandise Processing Fees, Harbor Maintenance Fees, De Minimis rate, Bonding requirements.

Please check it out and comment below with your thoughts.